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Mr. Latif Meqikukiq

Traditional and Innovative Designs

Venetian Chandeliers, Broze Chandeliers, Design Chandeliers, Italian Rims, Basket Chandeliers, Lanterns, Color Venetian and Shabby Chic Chandelier.




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About Latif Meqikukiq's Design




News: for Custom Modern Design Chandeliers please Visit www.Latifsdesign.com


            What you are about to see first are the refurbished chandeliers. I find the old chandeliers that are left in disrepair and then I bring them to life. It is very important for me to give these chandeliers a new face lift and update them so they can show the old charm that makes these chandeliers so desirable.

            I also have my Custom Design Chandelier line that shows a contemporary look that can be appealing to everyone by designing these chandeliers in a classic and simple way at the same time.

            By being in the industry I also am offering to my costumers a large collection of Swarovski and Straus Crystals in different shapes and colors. These crystals are top quality 32 % lead hand cut crystal pieces.

            Without forgetting to mention that part of my refurbishing jobs are also the Lamps and Sconces that I repair. You can view this pages by clicking on their links.

            In this page the Custom Chandelier that is pictured above is one of my Design creations. This chandelier is done with hand cut arms and body parts, 10mm English beads and 32 % lead Rock (crackled) Crystals. The dimensions of this are 23 inch wide and 36 inches high and it has 8 lights. It can be in different sizes as by request. The price for the Chandelier above is $ 3200.00.             

            If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about any of these items, E-mail me at: ShariPiko@nyc.rr.com  .